How will the transition from the Secure Purchasing&Selling Platform to the Real Estate Assets Stock Market (GKB) be?

The process which was began by GKB suggestion of our President at the ISEDAK meeting in 2014 did not progress due to institutional inactiveness and bureaucrative resistance.

Joint structuring was created in collaboration with MÜSİAD and its unit YTÜ and acted to adopt the Real Estate Assets Stock Market.

MÜSİAD started the GKB creation process in almost 100 countries where it is organized by prioritizing the Secure Purchasing Selling and Renting Platform.

Important operations are made for all appraisals and feasibility studies, bank liens, SPK/GKB maps and stock market unit values are carried out at GABORAS Value Innovation Center we have established as a result of R&D studies at Yıldız Tecnical University Teknopark.

It is necessary to establish trust and develop an environment of trust to carry out all real estate transactions on GABORAS. Therefore, it is important and prioritized to establish the Secure Purchasing, Selling and Renting Platform. It will be necessary to treat the real estate stock which will be treated with its feasibility with its insurance process and market value.

Indexes (Canal Istanbul index, Nation’S Gardens index, Shopping Center index, small hotels index, etc) will be created after the creation of the secure purchasing and selling platform and then the stock market will be established.

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