What Does GABORAS Technology Mean?

GABORAS is the product of 10 years of technological operation. Monitoring real estate intermediaries, marking and creating a rating system instantly, GABORAS can maket he most correct estimates through locational big data, stated with trillions, within seconds. System design of GABORAS which has been following declaration systematics is established and active in YTU Teknopark. Domestic national software design, algorithm design, hardware design and operation system design have completed verification practices with GABORAS technology. Developed learning machines have completed their R&D processes for monitoring, measuring ad evaluating many processes such as real estate purchase, sale and renting and turning into value maps and presenting their simulations on digital platforms instantly and 7/24 with their innovation and artificial intelligence software. Decision support reports have been digitalized and presented to decision makers within seconds. GABORAS continues to become an international brand through GİNDEKS technology.

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