What is the Economic Size of GKB?

The real estate sector has a 16% share in the country’s economy. Idle strength, arising from buried capital will be regained and turned into national wealth. In addition to its direct contribution to economy, accumulation of capital, provided through isuance of real estate assets is aimed to be 4 Trillion TL.

Registering 13 million immovables which are not registered, based on declaration, will cause asset stock to be doubled through town planning peace. Market values and building registration documents meaning capital value will be accepted as collateral by the banks.

Due to handling Istanbul’s urban transformation focused on earthquake, real estate market value which approaches 100-150 billion USD is encountered from infrastructure to upper structure, housing to tourism, commerce to services and health to recreation.

Market value size of real estate and asset issuances which will be created with project developments such as Canal Istanbul for which value has been assigned is over 50 billion dollars. Registering the existing building stocks of The Bosphorus and/or assigning them for tourism is 150-200 billion USD.

A society which has considered real estate as an instrument for investment throughout the country for hundreds of years to begin regaining the capital from this investment and to interiorize its instruments is the 2023 goals themselves.  It should be predicted that our country will grow two fold through GKB.

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