What kind of Innovations Does GKB Bring?

All immovables in Turkey being registered and measurable will ensure idle capital to be active in real estate. GABORAS will provide people with measurable, comparable, transparent and secure real estate data, thanks to technology.

Bringing locational data (soil earthquake state, transportation, etc.), legal data (zoning status, expropriation, protected site decisions, etc.) and market values with algorithms, GABORAS system (GOS) provides the most detailed information about real estate. Thanks to the Secure Purchasing, Selling and Renting Platform to be created, ‘TRUST’ will be ensured in real estate transaction.  Indexing and issuance of Real Estate Assets Stock Market and value are targeted at the last stage. Most of the necessary preparations have been completed by GABORAS.

The innovations, brought by GABORAS are viewing, measuring, appraising and the real estate market instantly with the current infrastructure and visualizing it with digital simulations.

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