Where are the Banks in GKB?

Banks are ahead of the institutions which have a hard time because of the experienced value chaos because real estate is used as the primary means of collateral for loans.

It will be possible to improve appraisal standards in banking common criteria and to provide the appraisal companies, banks and the BDDK with digital technological services with the Real Estate Assets Stock Market.

Secure Purchasing&Selling Platform and the Real Estate Assets Stock Market will play an important role in supporting banking sources and developing alternative capital markets. As becoming a stock market is developed, real estate and value issues will ragain the capital, buried in concrete, by growing it geometrically and provide an additional source fort he banks. This cycle will maket he largest contribution to the  2023 goals.

Secure purchasing&selling platform will establish an environment of trust for the banking sector as well. By reappraising their syndications and their assets as collateral at their real market value, banks will be able to make their secondary syndications domestically and internationally which is something they cannot do today.

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