Where are the Intermediary Institutions and Real Estate Agencies in GKB?

Intermediary institutions will have important contributions for establishing the environment of trust, free of speculation through the use of market and regulated data. 230 Thousand intermediary institutions-persons and brokers throughout the country will have a part in the Real Estate Assets Stock Market and will be registered, controlled and monitored and held responsible for the trade of immovables, based on declarations. In addition, intermediary institutions will have the opportunity to have GABORAS technology (monitoring, measuring, appraising and simulating) and use the sector data. Intermediary institutions which will be held responsible for the declarations of real estate which will be offered to the market will have records as a result of the correct data they use. Authorized brokers will be selected by offering/demand parties according to their records through system data in grid description and will be able to collect their service charges free of problems.

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