Gaboras Stages

Gaboras Business Model

1st Phase “BIG DATA”

  • Big-Data base has been created.
  • Capacity of providing service for 158 millon titles has been reached.
  • Information is kept updated constantly with learning machines.
  • Domestic-National software and business intelligence have been produced.
  • Fast reporting systems have been created. (Title throughout Turkey/0–2 min)
  • Quick presentation formats (Turkish, English, Arabic, German & Russian)
  • Open–Source encoding and data base structure has been completed.

2nd Phase “Derivative Product“

  • Tracing system for titles has been created for 158 million titles.
  • Immovable Declaration ControlSystem has been created to monitor and regulate all trade.
  • Instant Inquiry System and 7/24 live information are ready for the whole Turkey.
  • Grid System Regional Consultancy Service, locally serving multidisciplinary information network (8 Professions – 395.726 Grids)

3rd Stage

3.1.  Findex of Real Estate

3.2. Asset Monitoring and Regulations

3.3 Analysis Maps

Decision Support Services for Domestic and Foreign Investors

Technical Investment Data
Investment Development Data
2016-2017 Land Supply Distribution

4th Stage “Secure Purchasing&Selling Platform”

5th Stage “Indexes”

Indexe will be created on the Secure Purchasing&Selling Platform. Domestic and foreign investors will be able to make investments on these indexes.

Indexes are Produced as Much as Valubale Data Set.

  • Canal Istanbul Index
  • Airport Index
  • Turkey Residences for Sale Index
  • Turkey Residences for Rent Index
  • Istanbul Land for Sale Index
  • Izmir Land for sale Index
  • Index-5 (5 Metropolitan)
  • Index-25 (25 Metropolitan)
  • Index-TR

6th Stage “Real Estate Market”