Abdülsamet Temel

Curriculum Vitae

Abdulsamet Temel was born in Bayburt on 12 May 1982. He attended primary school at Bayburt Şair Zihni  Primary School, Secondary School at Bayburt Anatolia High School, High School at Trabzon Kanuni Anatolia High School and completed University at Karadeniz Technical University, studying management.

He dropped out of the university when he was a Junior at the university and settled in Istanbul to engage in commerce. He started to engage in commerce with various partnerships in Istanbul.

He became a member of Young MUSİAD in 2009 as his first Non-Governmental Organization and was elected Member of the Board in 2010 and General President in 2011. He participated in many national and international project when he was General President. He had more than 30 travels from Kazakhstan to Tunisia and Belgium to Bangladesh.

He was elected member of the board of directors and European president of Islam Cooperation Young Entrepreneurs Network (ICYEN), representing Turkey, unanimously by the vote 27 countries.

He pioneered establishment of Youth Institutions Association by integrating the Pioneering Youth Institutions of Turkey during his presidency.

He worked as Youth Institutions Association General Secretary between 2013 and 2014.

He worked as TUGVA Deputy General president and Working Youth Coordinator between 2014 and 2015

He has been working as the Chief Executive Officer of TOBB GGK Istanbul since 2015.

He gave more than one hundred conferences and seminars on Foundation Culture, Awareness for Voluntariness, Development of Non-Profit Society in our country and Entreprenurship.

He is the chairman of TEMA Investment Group which is active in Energy, Construction and Food sectors and has close to 300 employees.

Abdulsamet TEMEL who is a member of various associations continues his studies to create new models for business with the new teachings that come from our values and culture on entrepreneurship.

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