Barış Çakmak

Curriculum Vitae

He was born in Istanbul in 1976. After having graduated from Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Anatolian Vocational High School in 1994, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics in 1999.

He wroked as member representative and financial affairs and bartering operations at stocks, bonds and bills and viop markets at a brokerage institution between 2001and 2007. He worked at Settlement and Custody Bank / MKK conversion, YTL/TL conversion,  and transition to GV 67 tax application projects at the brokerage firm.

He received his SPK advanced level license and Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor certificate during the same period. He has been working at investment partnership, fund management, portfolio management, trust department and as a product manager of operation programs of brokerage institution respectively at İnfina Yazılım A.Ş. since 2007.

He has participated in the implementation of the first real estate investment fund based on software in the sector in the securitizing of real estate in the software sector which provides sevice for the capital market. He is currently conducting research for London based Infina Int. which has played a major role in asset management application which has reached a major sector share in Turkey, to expand abroad.

Currently a member of Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants under TÜRMOB, Barış Çakmak has good knowledge of English.

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