Bekir Yener Yıldırım

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Kırşehir in 1977, Bekir Yener YILDIRIM graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences in 1999. He received his master’s degree in International Finance from Istanbul Bilgi University.

He worked as a specialist and assistant specialist at various departments at the Capital Markets Board (SPK) between 1999 and 2006 and he worked as the Deputy General Secretary in charge of training, promotion, license and registration processes at Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions (TSPAKB) between 2006-2011. Bekir Yener YILDIRIM worked as General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors at “Capital Market Licensing Registration and Training Institution” and Association Chairman at Appraisers Association of Turkey (TDUB).

Yıldırım actively continues to work as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BYY Finance and BYY Technology.

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