Dr. Mithat Bülent Özmen

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Özmen studied political science and public administration at Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty between 1988 and 1992. Dr. Özmen received master of business administration degree in international relations from University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies as a European Union Jean Monnet scholarship student and has a doctor’s degree in banking and finance from Okan University.

Dr. Özmen started his working life at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1992 and joined Turkiye Is Bank Inspection Board in 1994. Dr. Özmen worked as CCO, CRO, COO and CFO at both banks and financial institutions and in the real sector during the successive period.

Having assumed active duties in critical processes such as acquisitions, mergers, establishment and liquidation of various banks and financial institutions, Dr. Özmen worked as deputy general manager in charge of loans and operations at the first mortgage bank in Turkey in whose foundation operations he was involved. Having closely witnessed the hard to recover problems, the mortgage based global crisis which emerged in the USA and affected all the economies in the world created, especially for lower and middle class families, began to work on econometric and financial models for the solution of the housing problem of low and middle income household people in Turkey. Book of Ozmen which takes the modelling studies he has deveoped for this purpose in the scope of the doctorate program to the academic level and which suggests a new financial model for the solution of housing problem of low and middle income household people has been considered to be worth publishing by The Banks Association of Turkey.

Lecturing Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Selling Strategies, Risk Management in banking, Financial management, Financial Markets and Institutions at MBA and Postgraduate Study programs at Bahçeşehir University and Okan University, Dr. Özmen represents the business world as a Member of the Advisory Board of Banking and Finance Program at Bilgi University.

Dr. Özmen is a columnist at cnnturk.com and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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