Güven Yavuz

Curriculum Vitae

He was born in 1979 Trabzon in 1979. He graduated from primary, secondary and high schools in Trabzon. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of economics and began his career in commerce in  2001.

He started his business life with the food sector and firs gained experience in hazelnut purchasing and selling, processing, exporting and importing and then worked as marketing deputy general manager at Tadelle Bisküvi. In addition to his experience in food production and marketing, he also worked as a member of the board of directors of family group companies.

He worked as a member of the board of directors of the existing family group companies until 2012 and then became the chairman of the board of directors. MGS Gayrimenkul was founded this year and a company in a new sector was added to the family companies, with foreign investment consultancy.

Güven Yavuz who continued to work at the existing companies and sectors until 2016 continued his commercial activities in two more sectors with MGS Otomotiv and MGS Yazılım after that. He currently continues his commercial activities in the fields of food, insurance, foreign real estate consultancy, real estate sales and marketing, automotive and software and strives to contribute to the country’s economy.

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