Lütfi Altun

Curriculum Vitae

Lütfi Altun who graduated from ITU Faculty of Architecture in 1977 TCK 10th Region Reserve Officer as control engineer for Çanakkale NATO and large military projects as his first public service.

He worked as a freelance architect and provided consultancy for municipalities between 1979 and 1985, technical manager and general manager in private sector until 1990, architecture project lecturer at Karadeniz Technical University between 1992 and 1994 and engaged in active duties and management in various non-governmental organizations. He implemented the first branch projects for the transformation of PTT, housing projects with domestic and foreign financing sources and the first flat for land application which belongs to the public in Turkey for the Ministry of Finance successfully.

He worked as a manager at Master Plan Office/Urban Plannig Directorate at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and assistant at the Metropolitan Municipality Principal Consultancy municipality participations in 1994-1995, upon invitation. He worked as a controller and manager for the Istanbul Transportation Master Plan, implemented by ITU at the Urban Planning Unit and contributed to the provisions in the master plan report about the transformation of squatter areas. He was involved in the creation of a team for Istanbul urban memory to be reflected on the operations and thus ensuring sustainability in organization archive examinations and corporate sustainability. He improved previously started lost TASK (Historical Areas) operations and carried out operations primarily for Süleymaniye Mosque and The Historic Peninsula and Land-Sea Walls with international and national experts. He searched lost palaces of Istanbul and turn them into projects.

He worked as the manager and president of Department of Projects when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was the Mayor of Istanbul. He worked as institution authorized manager at Investment Planning Directorate which is considered DPT of Istanbul and then Istanbul Department of Projects for 6 years in 1996 during this period. He structured the New Settlements Directorate as Urban Transformation Directorate and then managed it for 10 years during this period.

He founded Istanbul Toen Planning Workshop, İŞAT, which is the sister institution of The Municipality of Paris, APUR, and became its first manager. He managed Istanbul Department of Historic Environment, Istanbul Urban Design Department and established and managed Investment Office for Istanbul until the Development Agencies were founded while he was the president of the department. He viewed the operations of Japanese JICA IStanbul Seismic Risk Management after Marmara Earthquakes and turned New Settlement Department first into Settlements Directorate and then Urban ransformation Department thorugh changes in regulation by convincing the members of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. He assuned duty and responsibility as co-president with the Earthquake Directorate in control and implementation of Istanbul Earthquake Master Plan, prepared with corporate responsiblity of four universities (İTÜ, ODTÜ, YTÜ, BÜ) upon request of the Metropolitan Municipality.

He provided expertise support fort he proposal and process of Istanbul Urban Transformation whose preparations were made by Istanbul members of the parliament for 6 months at the beginning. He monitored MIPIM Investment Exposition for 3 years for the first time from Turkey and ensured the most comprehensive municipality real estate project sales to be made through PIPIM introduction and offering of Istanbul Projects for the foreign currency attracting Gulf in corporate responsibility in person in 2005. He implemented many operations such as Earthquake focused Zeytinburnu-Fatih-Küçükçekmece, considered to be the most real project to be implemented on an international level, the preparation of emergency action plans which handles 155.000 buildings with 10% sampling  and investment projects fort he long term with full authorization. He highlighted socio-economic environment and spatial planning theory and practice beyond construction and engineering perspective for the implementation of these projects. He became the executer of many large projects on a metropolitan scale.

He started Istanbul 2023 projects and become the manager in charge of prestige projects and DB-OECD-DPT-İBB Istanbul Area Operations. This operation was completed successfully and launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the most important operation in Istanbul, documented on an international level during the Republican Era and it was published by the OECD in 2008. Among the implemented corporate experiences there are the recovery of Golden Horn Project,  Sütlüce Congress Center and Sadabad. He implemented many projects and worked fort he vision of 2023. The most assertive projects that have been implemented are projects such as Backbone-Fishbone Transportation Project for Public Transportation, Urban Specialization, Mahmudiye in Tourism (Authentic Golden Horn Tourism Center), Project Partnership in Urban Transformation, Metropolitan Prestige Backbones, transformation stages of existing stocks step by step, tourism, health, software, high technology valleys and Istanbul ports. He worked on carrying the largest silicone valley in Europe, Sofia Ntipolis experience to Istanbul, and turning into an information society, considering Istanbul’s urban renewal will be a cibvilization project launch due to being the largest R&D nature in the world and worked on Istanbul Hydrogen Valley (high technology and software valleys) with sample areas in separate regions and Istanbul Big-Data data analytics in technology.

He implemented long term operations for the transformation of the towns in Northern Iraq petroleum areas and bringing in the palaces and areas which belonged to the overthrown leader Saddam Hussain for tourism. He assumed the responsibility of Project Management and Director for Urban transformation and Development Action Plan from Master Plan in world bank format for three different cities. He returned Turkey due to tension and war in the region and implemented the operation and action plans of Eastern Karadeniz Local Values, Ordu-Giresun Airport and its Surroundings Urban Tranformation Development, Rize İyidere Ovit and Rize Handüzü, Ayder, Uzungöl, Hidırnebi etc. Authentic Rural Area Transformation and Rural Towns Development. He examined and reported the plateaus between Ordu and Artvin with his team and pointed to developing local values with architectural reference registrations and urban design guides in rural development and action plans and bringing them into tourism, and continuing stopping concretion and great deterioration.

He implemented 2015-2016-2017 Erzincan-Karadeniz-Trabzon-Beşikdüzü Large Urban Tranformation Development Operations for TOKİ-GEDAŞ and municipalities. He turned the City of Erzincan Upper Euphrates Basin Vision which was in the shadow of wars and earthquakes into a project for the Governor of Erzincan who made his mark for Erzincan, by researching all his dreams, reading the past and the future. He prepared 136 kilometers of natural tourism corridor of Eastern Karadeniz Region and destinations and presented it to the corresponding persons. His Doctorate thesis on Urban Risk Management where Urban Transformation can be Monitored and Risks are observed away from human intevention through automation to reflect his experiences on doctorate studies is in the process of writing. He is currently conducting urban transformation risk management studies for the public and large groups as Turkey Istanbul Data Processing Base TUVIUS and KRY (Urban Risk Management) he owns and which processes Big-Data which could be the brain of the possible Real Restate Assets Stock Market and prepares Tuvimer (Turkey Data Processing Center) reports at YTÜ İkitelli Teknopark.


  • Master Plan Office Urban Planning Department Specialist, manager
  • Istanbul Investment Planning Manager
  • Istanbul ew Settlements Manager
  • Istanbul Urban Design Manager
  • Istanbul Urban Transformation Manager
  • Istanbul Urban Workshop Manager
  • Istanbul Projects Manager
  • Istanbul Projects Daire BaşDepartment President
  • Istanbul Investment Office Director
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Participation Duties
  • İSTAÇ A.Ş. Member of the Board of Directors
  • İSFALT A.Ş. Member of the Board of Directors
  • KİPTAŞ A.Ş. Member of the Board of Directors
  • İHE A.Ş. Member of the Board of Directors
  • Istanbul Regional Council of Monuments Memberships
  • Regional Council of Monuments Number 2 Membership
  • Regional Council of Monuments Number 3 Membership
  • Regional Council of Monuments Number 7 Membership


  • Istanbul Urban Design Department
  • Istanbul Urban Dransformation Department
  • Istanbul Town Planning Workshop Department
  • Istanbul 3D Virtual Office
  • Istanbul Investment Office Department
  • Istanbul History Environment Protection Department

Some Operations He Conducted in the Sector between 2012 and 2016

  • Nort Iraq Administration Rewanduz Urban Transformation Development Master Plan Directorship /Data Collecting
  • Northern Iraq Ikrg Harir Urban Transformation Development and Master Plan
  • Northern Iraq Ikrg Khalıfan Urban Transformation Development and Master Plan Information Society Cesece Producing Remote Service Development Project Modeling
  • Istanbul Saray Residences and Mansions and İkiz Köşkler Investment Projects
  • Istanbul Urban Risk Reduction and Value Sharing Modeling
  • Istanbul 2025 Transportation Development Evaluation Study
  • Prestige Axis between Atatürk and 3rd Airport / Yenibosna Architectural Housings with Identification Cansever Vision Premises/ Project Design
  • Industry Decentralizaton /Project Design of Istanbul New Industrial Zones
  • Rural Area e-villages Development and Tourism Projects
  • Town and Access Corridors Rehabilitation and Tourism Focused Development Projects
  • Local Civil Architecture Assets Reference Registries and Urban Design Guides
  • Surroundings of Ordu-Giresun “Or-Gi” Airport Development Transformation Action Plan
  • İyidere-Kalkandere-İkizdere Urban Rural Development Action Plan
  • Rize-Güneysu and Handuzü Development and Rehabilitation Action Plan
  • Giresun- Gümüşhane- Ordu Tourism and Development Focused Projects
  • Trabzon-Artvin- Rize Tourism and Development Focused Projects
  • Project Development Sampling with Multiple Participation Modeling
  • Local Urban Structure Akçaabat Example Urban Transformation Report
  • Sürmene Development and Urban Transformation Report
  • Beşikdüzü Urban Development and Urban Transformation Report
  • Trabzon Ağasar Tourism Project Concept
  • Rize Güneysu / Potamya Urban Transformation and Tourism Project Applications
  • Rize İkizdere Tourism Project Concept
  • Ordu Çambaşı Tourism Project Concept
  • Gümüşhane Çakırgöl Tourism Project Concept
  • Beşikdağ and Zarha Mountain Facilities Tourism Project Concept
  • Istanbul Konakları Project Concept
  • Ertuğrulbey Istanbul Konakları Project
  • TOKİ Erzincan Urban Transformation Project
  • TOKİ Beşikdüzü Urban Transformation Project
  • Istanbul Pendik Focus 2023 Urban Setup Urban Development and Project Development Operations
  • Mediterranean Basin Samandağ Tourism Development Project
  • Çanta Evleri Housing Settlement
  • Real Estate Assets Stock Market Value Components
  • Istanbul Investment Presentation Guide
  • Istanbul Yeşil Köşkler Project
  • Real Estate and Investment Development Reporting
  • Localizing Social Risks which Emerge in New Settlements in Istanbul
  • Daily rented units Istanbul Real Estate Supply Measuring
  • Istanbul Commercial and Land Real Estate Distributions and their Economic Parameters
  • Increasing Investment Value in Urban Transformation and Feasibility Methods
  • 136 Km Natural Tourism Corridor and Destinations


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