What is Gaboras?

GABORAS ensures real estate transactions to become securitized by regulating real estate transactios which are carried out in a complex manner and by establishing them on a measurable and transparent basis and allow them to be purchased and sold in smaller units and to create a secure basis for the investors. ‘Enormous real estate potential in our country will be brought out and real estate export will be easier after the ‘Real Estate Stock Market’ has reached its final goal.

How does Gaboras Work?

It is the most advanced Real Estate Assets in the world which collects all the jobs and transactions in one platform with its high technology infrastructure, big-data control and processing infrastructure power

“GABORAS is a secure purchasing&selling platform.”

What can be done with Gaboras?

  • All titles can be traced. (178 million)
  • All declarations can be inspected. (24 million/year)
  • All those who engage in immovables can be inspected. (206 thousand)
  • Instant value and status can be determined. (0-10 sec)
  • Instant and periodical reporting and presentations can be made. (0-2 min. in 5 languages)
  • All purchasing, selling, renting, etc. can be made. (5 million transactions)
  • Instant multidisciplinary (regional) information can be provided. (7 professions-104 thousand points)
  • Province, county and project indexes can be marketable.
  • Title qualities and derivatives can be marketable.